Maverick Introduces CiderJak

All Hell Breaks Loose!!!

9-30-00 -- To be honest, we've had the CiderJak technology for some time, but hid it from the public for environmental reasons.  The first batch, though initialized in good faith, took a turn for the worse.  Possible collaboration with the Devil comes to mind when one first tastes the chaos brought about by this ill-fated hard-cider.  One can only hope ... no, pray ... that the next batch fairs much better.  We here at Maverick put our trust in Mike Capitain to do the right thing.  

Those who wish to learn more about Maverick's CiderJak can check out its product data sheet, or contact the brew master below.

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maverick brewing company is the brainchild of michael j. capitain, iv esquire.
the maverick is the greatest car ever.  if you feel that this non-profit website and fake beer company
infringes on any copyright laws (it may, i just really dont know), please let me know.  if you know
how i can make this whole brewing company legal in the state of new york, please let me know. 
otherwise, have fun, drink safely, and rock it till the roof comes down.  peace.