Maverick Breweries Open in Mike's Basement

There's a Disturbance in the Brewing World

2-11-00 -- Today, Maverick Brewing Company opened its first brewery in the basement of brewmaster Michael Capitain.  Armed only with a small stove, a $20 beer kit, and a 5 gallon fermenter, Capitain took hold of his wooden stirrer and brewed the worst batch of beer ever known to man.  Things can only go up from here.

For More Information Contact:

Maverick Brewing Co.
Internet: brewmaster@maverickbrewing.com

maverick brewing company is the brainchild of michael j. capitain, iv esquire.
the maverick is the greatest car ever.  if you feel that this non-profit website and fake beer company
infringes on any copyright laws (it may, i just really dont know), please let me know.  if you know
how i can make this whole brewing company legal in the state of new york, please let me know. 
otherwise, have fun, drink safely, and rock it till the roof comes down.  peace.